Customer Testimonials

You are genious

Brother you are a genius. I hope for cooperation.

Alexis Leonidis

GR 2020-03-15


This is really good. Thanks for the nice module.


IN 2019-01-27

Great Service

I had Caglar work on my website and the service was one of the best I have had from any online company so far. Very quick response and understood what had to be done with almost minimum explanation. I will definitely recommend them to anyone.


GB 2019-01-27

Great assistance

I recommend Meg Venture, I had a problem with my installation (modules) he resolved it very quickly ! Thanks you very much, you are the best !

Lauriane ITOUA

FR 2019-01-27

Customer Group CMS

Recently i bought Customer Group CMS Authorization. I had a problem and i contact support. Very quickly answer and problem solved! Thanks a lot to Meg Venture! Excellent!

Nicolas H.

FR 2019-01-27

Database/Mod Fix

I had a problem with some of my files stemming from an upgrade, and it was fix correctly and fast. Will definitely be back when I have a problem or need a special tweak. Awesome job!


US 2019-01-27

Modules and support

Very good module Best Quote Prestashop and fast professional online support! I definitely recommend this site.


GB 2019-01-27

A reliable partner

We've hired them several times for custom made projects and they delivered every single time. Good communication skills and and pleasure to work with! Steviger! Webmedia


NL 2019-01-27

Very good service

I had some problems with the module, and it was solved very fast. The Picasa module itself is a very nice and easy solutions for the one who want to have an additional gallery of photos for each product. Many thanks.

Anna K.

DE 2019-01-27


The best modules.


US 2019-01-27

Good service

It was easy to co-operate with the developer to get some modifications needed. I will use again his services if something comes around in the future.


EE 2019-01-27




ES 2019-01-27